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The MERCADER CORK GROUP business is structured in two divisions:

MERCADER CORCHOS TALAVERA Purchase and extraction of the cork from the tree and its subsequent preparation for the production of cork products.
NARCISO MERCADER Manufacturing and global marketing of corks.

The Mercader group was formed with an effort to achieve the objective of controlling the entire process from start to finish. From the field to the winery.

Currently, MERCADER CORK GROUP is one of the most established companies in the sector, with a growth strategy based on five points:

  1. Constant search for the highest quality in all of our products through a comprehensive control of all production processes, which allows us to meet the expectations of our customers.

  2. Internationalisation of our business through the collaboration with representatives and distributors worldwide.

  3. Investment in new technologies and infrastructures. The needs of the current market require strong investments in technology and strict production and quality control processes to satisfy the demand of the wine producers. The MERCADER group invests in research and new infrastructures every year and has the most advanced technology to successfully face new challenges.

  4. Development of a highly qualified team of personnel, with continuous training and a clear line of family business.

  5. Consumer oriented. The loyalty of our customers has made developing our business possible up until now. We have a direct and close contact with our customers and adapt to their needs.

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