1952 Our origin goes back to 1952 when Mr. Narciso Mercader, an entrepreneur with a vast experience in the cork sector, decided to found his own company, named after himself. During its first few years of activity, NARCISO MERCADER, SL. purchased cork from the best picking companies in Spain and manufactured corks which it sold to distributors throughout the province of Girona.

1960 In the sixties, the company consolidated and began a growing activity which quickly allowed it to increase sales throughout the whole of Spain as well as internationally, and begun exporting to France and Italy.

1994 With an emphasis on integrated management of the production system and with one of the basis´ for the company´s growth being commitment to quality, MERCADER CORCHOS TALAVERA, SL was born in 1994, a company that bought cork directly from the cork oak plantations (Quercus suber), extracting it from the tree to later obtain cork sheets. The creation of MERCADER CORCHOS TALAVERA led to the vertical integration strategy which aims to meet the raw material needs of NARCISO MERCADER.

2000 Market needs and technological advances in the sector are conducive of an extension and modernisation of the Navahermosa facilities (Toledo). That same year, a new factory and head office were built in the Cassa de la Selva industrial park (Girona) to take over all of the production.

2005 This is the year in which MERCADER decided to complete the vertical integration process. It began selling corks directly to wineries throughout Spain. Up until then, the corks were sold to distributors and from 2005, having extended their facilities, the MERCADER group introduced the finishing phase of the product in its production system.

2006 In 2006 a major upgrade was made to the technical infrastructures of our Cassa de la Selva plant, achieving a capacity of 40 million corks.

2007 The MERCADER Holding was born, to encompass the two companies in a single structure for the upcoming internationalisation in foreign markets.

2010 The MERCADER group decided to make a further advance and manufacture corks for sparkling wines (cava and/or Champaign). It took advantage of the integrated production to manufacture corks using its raw material, which is bought at the tree.

2011 In 2011 it decided to invest in the French market. The MERCADER group opened a branch in the French market to sell directly to the wineries and offer fully finished products to the end customers.

2012 After the representation of the MERCADER group in France matured, the company decided to enter another important market by offering its products to wineries in the United States.

2013 MERCADER opens a subsidiary company in California to create a solid presence in the United States market.

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