Quality   ------    R+D   ------    Environmental awareness

QUALITY Guarantee and Service. We take the greatest care with the quality of the cork, which is why our production is subject to a continual and extensive quality control throughout the whole process, from the raw materials to the finished product. Our production plants are certified with the ISO 9001 and Systecode (Bureau Veritas Cork Certification) quality regulations.

The highest added value with which we work and attest is the total integration in processes. All processes are studied and executed within our company. Cork is very delicate and it is very important that all production processes are fully controlled. That is why we control the entire process, even though it means greater dedication and a higher cost.

Mercader Cork Group belongs to AECORK (The Association of Catalan Cork Merchants) and follows the UNE regulations, which aims to regulate the Spanish cork sector.
ISO 9001-2008 Systecode 2016-2017

R+D At the Mercader Cork Group we consider research and development to be a primary factor in the management of our company, as it provides a great added value to our product.

The research and development resources are managed from our head office in Girona and have two main objectives:

- Guarantee the quality of our products.

- Continual improvement with the research of new formulas, treatments and optimisation of the production processes, which allows us to adapt to the new needs of the market and the sector.

Following these premises we have devised the system TCARE: TCA Reduction & Extraction. It's a system by which we reduce and remove volatile compounds that could be in the cork. By applying hot vapor for more than 72 hours, TCA gets reduced to less than 1 ng / L.

ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS The Mercader Cork Group´s business is based on cork, a natural product obtained from our surroundings and must be conserved for its unique properties and resistance, which are impossible to technically imitate. Therefore, we are a group committed to the environment and develop our business based on the following principles of respect and environmental education:

- Develop our activity respecting the environment.

- Provide our personnel and collaborators with the necessary information so as they can develop good environmental practices.

- Take the necessary measures to not contaminate, using environmentally friendly products.